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Case Studies

Health Care

Moving a Department In-House with the Help of DocuWare

This mental health treatment facility utilized DocuWare to move their Patient Financial Services department from being outsourced to an in-house department. Thanks to DocuWare, customer service, cash flow and department efficiency have improved and the organization is easily able to meet HIPAA requirements.

County Government

Streamlining Information - DocuWare Helps Make Porter County a Better Place to Live

The Porter County Sheriff's Office is using DocuWare to make their corner of Indiana a safer place by electronically managing case reports, warrants, tickets and jail documentation. The benefits have trickled down to the residents by giving the county more time to spend serving the people.

Tippecanoe County Moves Toward Digitizing 9 Million Pages a Year

The Tippecanoe County Clerk's Office is bringing a vast archive of legal, historical and ownership records into DocuWare. Personnel costs have been reduced by 40% and thanks to DocuWare, even with the reduction in personnel, the staff can now keep up with requests by reducing retrieval time from days to hours. With DocuWare in place the County Clerk's Office now provides a higher quality of service for the residents of Tippecanoe County. 

Small City Leverages the Power of Technology

A small town provider of electricity is using DocuWare to provide better customer service, reduce fraud, and operate more efficiently. The system is expanding throughout the city and will eventually become the records management system for all city government departments. 

Solving Crimes and Protecting Citizens

Warsaw Police Department is utilizing DocuWare to reduce man-hours, costs and unsolved cases. Electronic storage of incident reports, accident reports and tickets has streamlined the way this department operates and allowed the staff to focus on their primary duty of protecting the citizens of Warsaw. 


Managing Costs and Improving Customer Service

Aluminum coil producer Jupiter Aluminum is utilizing DocuWare to store client orders and accounts payable information, speeding retrieval time and strengthening business relationships. DocuWare helps Jupiter exceed its clients' expectations by providing the staff with the information they need to provide the very best service and value available in the marketplace.

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