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KIP Printers

KIP PrintersScanners

KIP 3100

Digital Wide Format Printer Stand alone digital copier with network printing capabilities, or digital copier-printer and scan to file system. HDP technology, high resolution print-copy to 600 x 600dpi Fast output of 4 "D" size prints per minute 1 or 2 roll capability is upgradeable in the field "Closed loop" color calibration delivers color accuracy Compact design-ideal for limited space areas Color scan to file option, 100% toner efficiency

KIP PrintersScanners

KIP 5000

KIP 5000 Wide Format Printing System Up to 3.9 inc per minute speed 8 1/2" x 11" to 19.7' print and copy range 2 or 4 roll configuration, 100% toner efficiency Pressure free fusing reduces image distortion Powerprint software supports CAD and Raster formats, scan to PDF advanced copy maker functions Multiple folding and stacking options

KIP PrintersScanners

KIP 8000

World's fastest Wide Format Printer High volume, uninterrupted print production - saves time! Outstanding print quality, industry's lowest operational costs, off-the-chart production speed Monochrome or mono/color dual function 22 "D" size prints per minute 4 roll media capacity - Powerprint software Network printer or full scan to file system




Konica Minolta MS6000 MKII

Digital Microform Scanner - Color or Grayscale Dual output from PC scanning to laser printing 600dpi - scanning density 200,300,400,600,800 USB 2.0 or SCSI-2 connector, high speed video connector Handles microfiche, jackets, aperture cards, 16mm & 35mm roll film & 16mm cartridges Auto centering, frame masking, image rotation, skew correction Scan speed 6.5 seconds per page Zoom Lens


Konica Minolta PS5000C

Digital Imaging System - Color Face-Up Publication Scanner Fast, cost effective scanner for color publications, books,magazines, manuals and historical materials. Scan speed 3.4 seconds per page Resolution 200dpi, 240dpi, 300dpi, 400 dpi, 600dpi Automatic compensation for center curvature of bound volumes. Auto erasure of centerline shadows, outside borders and finger images. TWAIN driver with SCSI-2 connector for easy PC hookup.


Konica Minolta PS7000 MKII

Large Book - Document Scanner Large books, artwork, ledgers and other bound materials Face-Up system, scanning area 17" x 23 2/8" scan area Adjustable cradle, up to 600dpi resolution Scans to printer or PC Automatic edge detection Automatic curvature compensation 4.5 second scan per page USB and/or SCSI-2


Konica Minolta MS7000MK II

Widescreen Digital Microform Scanner 12" x 17" anti-glare screen Supports multiple film and fiche carriers to handle microfiche, jackets, aperture cards, 16mm, 35mm roll film, 16mm cartridges Auto imaging, image enhancement allows you to zoom in on hard to reach areas, auto focus Scan and print check or sheet front and back High resolution for emails, faxes and desktop publishing SCSI-2 connector for PC interface, high speed video connector Zoom Lens



Indus Scanner

Indus Book Scanner 5002

Overhead Platform Scanner - Bitonal, Gray-level or Color Book cradle supports larger books and page leveling Suitable for digitizing maps, surveys with photos, architectural plans, historical documents, up to DIN A2 16.54" x 23.39" 35 million pixels color resolution Auto focus, MS Windows with BCS-2 300-600dpi - scan time 2.9 sec. - color depth 30 bit Exclusive extended head allows for scanning sizes of 28.3"x 18.5"

Indus Scanner

Indus Color Scanner 5003

Large Format Color and Grayscale Scanner Scan area up to DIN A1 23.39" x 33.11" Suitable for large books and flat documents Motorized book cradle - foot controls - hands free scanning 35 million pixels color resolution Scan time 3 seconds Output format - PNM/RAW, TIFF, JPEG Automatic exposure, book page separation, calibration

Indus Scanner

Indus Z43 Reader-Printer

Easy to use, compact, positive and negative film reader-printer Zoom Lens Fast output - 10 pages per minute Automatic exposure control, mode sensor, masking, centering, image rotation and skew correction. Optional universal carrier that supports 16mm, 35mm film and 3M cartridges - high or variable speed Roll film carriers support 16mm, 35mm open real ANSI or M-type cartridges Fiche carrier handles jackets and aperture cards

Indus Scanner

Indus Planetary Camera 41

High volume desktop microfilm camera Automatic aperture size selection Frame indexing, single corner positioning Auto exposure control, zero space filming 16mm film Lens F5.0 28mm Resolution 155 lines/mm Reduction ratio 25:1, 32:1

Indus Scanner

Indus Z-Scan 46

Universal Digital Microform Scanner Scans to PC or laser printer Microform carriers for roll film, fiche, aperture cards and jackets Features include auto exposure, frame masking, centering, skew correction, fit to print, polarity detection, image rotation, or manual masking, trimming and grayscale support. USB and/or SCSI-2 Zoom Lens


Indus Color/Grayscale Scanner 5005C & 5005GS

Large Format Color and Grayscale Scanner 5005C & 5005GS Scan bound books and very large documents 23.39" & 33.11" 400 dpi - High quality CCD image sensor, white LED lights Integrated motor driven book cradle to help even pages for clarity




Aperture Card Reader

Model 4601-03 COM, fiche, jacketed source documents


Aperture Card Reader

Model 456D-800E Microfiche jackets, jackets COM


Full Size Source

Document Reader Model 4601-02 COM, microfiche, jacketed film, aperture cards


Paint Formula

Fiche Reader Model 4601-02M Microfiche, jackets Use for explosive environment

INDUS READERS Jumbo Fiche Reader

Jumbo Fiche Reader

Model 4601-01J 7"x9" Microfiche 5"x8" jacketed film


Advanced Motorized

Microfilm Reader 16mm & 35mm Microfilm


Full Size Front

Projection Reader Model 4601-06 COM fiche, jacketed film


Advanced Roll



Ultrafiche/Microfiche Readers

Model 455-5 & 455-6 150x & normal

INDUS READERS pagesource

Page Source

Document Reader Model 456D-800 Double page reader


Full Size COM

Model 4601-01 COM fiche, jacketed film


Half Page Reader

Model 456-HP COM, fiche, jacketed microfilm, aperture cards



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Available soon


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